TUBITAL S.R.L. – Participates in the Zohr Project

TUBITAL S.R.L. has been selected by ENI/PETROBEL as the main sub-supplier for the Zohr project in Egypt. The scope of the contract includes the fabrication of N.7 Sour Gas Absorbers (Columns) in SA 516 Gr.60 with weld overlay in SS 316L – Size: ID Ø 2.600 x 30.350 mm; 271 t each; + N.15 Silica Gel Adsorbers in SA 533 Gr.B – Size: ID Ø 3.500 x 17.850 mm – 119,2 t each. Each product has been fabricated on client data sheets in minimum time with the maximum precision and high quality results. The company was able to speed at its maximum for the delivery dates, granting PETROBEL the success of its project.